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Whites Surfmaster PI Pro Metal Detector – Review

>So you have finally decided to take the plunge and go underwater metal detecting? There are many brands and models to choose from. one to take into careful consideration is Whites Surf PI Pro Metal Detector. it is a wonderful product that is very rich in features, that includes:

A pulse Induction metal detector for incredible depth on coins and jewelry, especially in saltwater and mineralized ground.

Enhanced sensitivity to gold – the most sought-after beach targets respond at maximum depths.

Gain control adjusts for your particular beach conditions so you get every inch of PI depth and sensitivity; meaning the settings can be made custom for each and every beach.

Quick Target Recovery so you hear good targets even mixed in with junk.

Tuner Control adjusts the threshold tone and checks battery strength.

Automatic Ground Rejection.

Completely waterproof to 100 feet.

Power Supply: 8 “AA” penlight batteries for up to 25 hrs. of hunting.

Headphones are hardwired into the unit, not removable.

The price is very reasonable for a machine of this caliber; expect to pay about $600 – $900 for this metal detector. the newer models, such as the Surf PI Dual Field will cost more, and there are used metal detectors available on eBay and other places.

The sensitivity to salt water is excellent and it works well in wet sand. If there is something to be found, the Surf Pi Pro will find it. the battery life is great and this can be used for up to 100 feet under the waves, so it can be used on your next scuba diving outing.

One downside is that the Surf Pi Pro, like all Pi models, do not discriminate, so it will find every piece of metal there around. Everything, junk included. What does that mean for the user? it means the user will have to dig to find out if the find is worth taking. If you happen to be scuba diving, then time is more important due the oxygen tank. in this situation, less ground will be covered if you stop every time the machine beeps. but you can always pick and choose when to stop and dig. If you are snorkeling, or walking in shallow water this may not be much of a problem. For those who don’t mind digging, the non-discrimination will be of no concern.

An important decision that needs to made when purchasing this metal detector is which coil to purchase. Whites sells a non-weighted coil and a “Zero Buoyancy” weighted version. If you plan on being in the water the majority of the time, then the weighted version is recommended; otherwise get the non-weighted version. the difference in weight is not great, but you will notice the weight when swinging the metal detector around above water for any length of time.

One cheap accessory that is worth the money the “Coil Steadying Bracket”. it will prevent the coil from being flipped up by the waves. it is only $10 dollars from Whites.

The Surf Pro Pi is an excellent metal detector for those wet metal detecting adventures. it has a reasonable price tag and it sport high quality features to boot. Highly recommended.


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