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Garrett Pro Pinpointer Review

>This time I’ve put the new Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer to the test. The Pro-Pointer is the first pinpointer made by Garrett and it was well received among fellow detectorists. Let’s see how it fared in my hands.

The first thing you will notice is how sturdy the pinpointer is. you can just feel that it’s quality built.

You turn the thing on by pressing the rubbery switch in the middle and after a loud one-second beep the thing is ready for use. during this initial phase the pinpointer is auto-balancing itself to its surroundings.

Once the pointer is turned on and balanced you are ready to begin pinpointing. This pro-pointer is sensitive along the whole front half – from the tip up to the on/off switch. While some may find this a nuisance – after all this is a pinpointer, it can come quite handy to find the target quickly using the large detecting surface. once you are close to the find, just continue pinpointing with the tip of the device.

Besides beeping, this pinpointer also vibrates so it can be easily used with headphones on, or if you happen to have hearing problems.

Perhaps another thing to note is the built-in bright white led light to see inside those dark holes or simply if you find yourself hunting in the dark.

The back of the pinpointer can be unscrewed to reveal a compartment for a single 9V battery, which is still not depleted after many months’ use, so thumbs up on that one.

One thing that annoyed me was the loud sound this thing emits when turned on and when you are closing on the target. you can read on how I’ve┬ásilenced the thing down if you find the volume level too high or the sound annoying.

Overall, the positive sides of this pinpointer far outweight the annoying beeping, especially because some of you may not even be bothered by it. Anyway, here is a quick + vs – list for a quick overview:

  • Quality built
  • Ease of use
  • Good depth
  • Vibration
  • Low battery drain
  • Annoying sharp sound when turned on
  • Loud sound overall

In the end here is an official clip on the Garrett Pro-Pointer, which illustrates its features nicely.


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