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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Is One Of The Best

>>Bounty Hunter TRACKERIV/TK4-PL Tracker IV Metal Detector Review

If you are a beginner to metal detecting then I highly recommend that you get this metal detector for your first one. There are many pros to this detector which makes it a great choice.

For starters, it is very reasonably priced and the quality of the detector is great. It doesn’t come with a lot of different parts so it was very quick to get assembled at home.

The manual is very easy to understand so it will let you get out and get detecting faster. It also has three different detecting methods on it that allows you to decipher what you have just found. The price of this detector runs right around one hundred dollars which is considerably cheaper than a lot of those fancy detectors out there today. I’ve read many complaints on other metal detectors explaining on how they’ve stopped working right away or have broken. This is a quality item that will last you for years.

Amazon has more info on this metal detector as well as customer reviews here.

It is one of the lighter detectors, so if you are planning on being out for awhile, you won’t have to carry around something quite heavy for a long period of time. It took me about twenty minutes to read the manual and then assemble it. It was very quick and easy so I was out the door and detecting in no time. There are very few parts to put together and you won’t have to struggle to get them together. It took me right around seven minutes, if that, to assemble it.

There are the three different detecting methods on the Bounty Hunter IV. It sends out a certain tone that lets you know what type of metal has been detected. The manual also gives you tips on how you should search and tells you the proper way of holding the detector when out in the field. I highly suggest in getting the Bounty Hunter IV for your metal detector. It’s a quality product, has an easy assembly, and the price is just right. It will give you hours of fun while you find your treasures and it won’t let you down.

Join a group or start your own so you can share your finds with each other. It’s something you can make your life long hobby. After all, you might discover a huge piece of history. so go get this metal detector and let the treasure hunting begin.

If you’d like to get this metal detector at a great price, check out Amazon.

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Is One Of The Best Out There!

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