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What Is The Best Underwater Metal Detector?

>Underwater metal detecting is something that has been getting about as popular as metal detecting on land. maybe its because of the uncertainty of what you might find, and maybe there’s a chance no one has ever looked where you are looking before. whatever the case may be, looking for metal detecting underwater can be fun.

If you are interested in underwater metal detecting, you may be asking yourself,

“what is the best underwater metal detector?”

Just like with choosing any metal detector, there are some factors that are involved:

  • Where will you be looking?
  • How deep will you be going?
  • Fresh or salt water?
  • Is it something to get to snorkeling or will you need scuba gear?

I’m going to help answer these questions for you and recommend a couple of detectors along the way.

There are a lot of underwater metal detectors out there, and many are rated for different depths, and will work better in fresh or salt water.

Underwater metal detectors are basically broken down into 3 categories:

  • Very Low Frequency, or VLF
  • Pulse Induction, or PI
  • Broad Band Spectrum, or BBS

First, let’s go over very Low Frequency. what these do is send out a frequency, anywhere from 3 to 30 kHz, into the ground to locate items. VLF detectors are work very well in locating coins and jewelry, and do a great job of eliminating readings on unwanted objects. VLF detectors are affected by ground minerals, so you will need to keep that in mind. however, you can adjust the sensitivity, helping to alleviate this problem.

Next, Pulse Induction. Pulse induction underwater metal detectors send electronic pulses into the ground. These pulses are very sensitive to jewelry and precious metals. PI’s work very well if you’re a scuba diver, because they work in salt water, detect very deep in water, and are not affected much by the ground minerals in the sand. however, PI detectors can pick up a lot more unwanted items than the VLF detectors.

Last, Broad Band Spectrum.  What BBS metal detectors do is very similar to VLF detectors, in that they send out frequencies into the ground. however, unlike VLF’s that just send out one, BBS’s send out multiple frequencies at the same time, ranging from 1.5- 25kHz.

Although it may be exciting to look for underwater treasures in the deep and around ship wreckage, do not forget about the areas close to the beach. Think about it: people sit on the beach and lose jewelry, coins, cell phones, watches etc.  The tide comes in and carries this stuff out to sea. then you come along with your trusty metal detector, starting from the shallows and work your way out. there has got to be unlimited potential for what you can find.

You can find a variety of underwater metal detectors at Amazon.

What Is The Best Underwater Metal Detector?

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