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How Deep Can a Metal Detector Detect?

>>How Deep can a Metal Detector Detect depends on the quality of the metal detector!

As far as small objects like coins and jewelry go for the average Person:

  • A cheap Detector is only going to detect a coin a few inches into the ground.
  • A Beginners detector tends to be best in the 4 inch range,
  • A good hobby class detector is going to find coins in the 8 inch thru 1 foot range
  • and a professional quality detector will find small objects down below a foot.

But a lot of the new inexpensive detectors on the market claim to go 8 inches deep for a coin. when I say Inexpensive I mean under $200.

The truth is, in my opinion, that:

1) Most beginners are going to be detecting in parks, around houses, etc. they generally are going to find most of their finds in the0 to 4 inch range for a variety of reasons.

2) even if the Detector can go deeper many beginners will not find deeper items due to a lack of experience in pinpointing the find and digging it up and finding it once they dig it up.

3) even if a Metal detector can detect deeper many people will not have it set optimally for the ground conditions, not have quality head phones or not learn to read the graph our hear the sounds correctly in order to determine a deep target.

What about Metal detecting for large relics or Treasure Cache’s or even Roadside bombs (Yes the US military uses metal detectors to save lives!?

Ahh now we start getting deep! the hobby class detectors are going to find such items below a foot to 3 feet (depending on the item, the ground mineralization etc) and their are professional class detectors that can go down many feet – I have never used such devices but they claim 10 – 20 feet down!!!

But for the average person, if you are starting out and spend $175 – $295 expect to get a good quality beginners detector that will detector Old coins and jewelry from 4 to 8 inches down.

OK thats it for our How Deep Can a Metal Detector Detect article

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How Deep Can a Metal Detector Detect?

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